Crypto-Coin Printer 0.122 Beta 2 Released

The latest version of the CryptoCoinPrinter offline printing LiveCD has been released.

Changes include:

  • Many fixes to the boot-up sequence and YaST2-firstboot configuration application.
  • Many fixes for printer detection and driver installation.
  • Distro now fits on a CD instead of a DVD

If you are still having problems getting your printer to auto-detect, please feel free to send an email.

The new distribution can be download at: Crypto Coin Printer 0.0.122 ISO Image


Crypto-Coin Printer Features


  1. Provides a simple, single-screen UI to print offline paper wallets.
  2. Currently includes apps for printing bitcoin, litecoin, dogecoin and vertcoin paper wallets (more to come).
  3. Includes a number of full-color paper wallet designs from a number of the included paper wallet generators.
  4. Small footprint.  The live ISO should fit on a single CD and require under a GB of memory.  Very friendly to old hardware.
  5. Built on top of SuSE Studio/OpenSuse 13.1, Mozilla Firefox, LXDE and the YaST configuration toolset. 
  6. Includes the following paper wallet printer applications:

Crypto-Coin Printer runningthe OfflineWallet app

The current release can be downloaded from here.


Download the Latest Version of Crypto Coin Printer

The latest version of Crypto Coin Printer can be downloaded from the SuSE Studio main page at:

DOWNLOAD CryptoCoinPrinter ISO from SuSE Studio Gallery

Once downloaded, simply write the ISO to a CD or USB drive and boot.


Installation Instructions

Download the ISO

The ISO can be downloaded from the download page here.

Burn the LiveCD ISO to CD or USB drive

Crypto Coin Printer is packages as a live CD.  You can boot it up to a live instance without ever installing on your computer or accessing your hard drive. 

Simply download the iso, burn it to a CDRom or USB drive and boot.

Configuring your Printer

The Suse YaST Configuration tool will attempt to auto-detect USB printers when they are plugged in.  If they are not, the tool can be used to manually configure the printer.

  1. Wait for the Crypto Coin Printer application to fully boot.
  2. Unplug and re-plug your printer's USB cable into the computer, or power cycle the printer. Most printers are auto-detected.
  3. If your printer is not detected automatically, press CTRL-ALT-P to launch the Printer Configuration application.


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