CryptoCoinTracker 2.1 Released

CryptoCoinTracker 2.1 has been released!

It is provided in two version:

  • CryptoCoinTracker Basic (HERE) provides all of the primary functionality for free.  
  • CryptoCoinTracker Pro (HERE) adds support for AltCoins/other currencies such as Ethereum and On-Device Alerts.

Original users of the pre-2-1 free version will be grandfathered into the previous free version's feature set.

New features/changes in 2.1 include:

  • New home screen widget to display your current total assets.
  • Fixed issue with Ethereum exchange rates.
  • Supported altcoins list is now updated in real time, not only when the app updates in the app store.
  • Optimized network calls/address lookup code.
  • Added Disable Altcoins option to settings.
  • Moved Ethereum and Litecoin to the top of the Add Coin list with Bitcoin
  • UI cleanup & bug fixes.
  • Added automated crash reporting so issues can be addressed rapidly.
  • Added support for Android Jelly Bean to the non-paid version

CryptoCoinTracker 1.3 Released

CryptoCoinTracker 1.3 has been released.  New features include:

*) Added Support for the following altcoins via Cryptoid:
  - AsiaCoin
  - AscentCoin
  - Auroracoin
  - BlackToken
  - CannabisCoin
  - CoffeeCoin2
  - XCloudcoin
  - CryptCoin
  - CSCoin
  - DigitalCoin
  - Distrocoin
  - DarkCoin
  - DarkCash
  - EntropyCoin
  - ESportsCoin
  - FlutterCoin
  - Plankton
  - FairQuark
  - GreenBacks
  - GlobalCoin
  - GlyphCoin
  - GroestlCoin
  - HuskyCoin
  - I0Coin
  - IncognitoCoin
  - I/O
  - JudgeCoin
  - KeyCoin
  - KryptKoin
  - Logicoin
  - LeagueCoin
  - MammothCoin
  - Muniti
  - Noblecoin
  - OrangeCoin
  - PinkCoin
  - Piggycoin
  - PotCoin
  - Pseudocoin
  - PayzorCoin
  - Quantum2
  - Rubycoin
  - Riecoin
  - RiotCoin
  - Roxcoin
  - SHACoin
  - ShieldCoin
  - ShopCoin
  - ShopX
  - SuperCoin
  - Sync
  - TorCoin
  - Unattainium
  - Unobtanium
  - eUtopium
  - VootCoin
  - VeriCoin
  - XanonCoin
  - XCurrency
  - JouleCoin
*) Added Bitrix as exchange rate provider
*) Switched to CoinURL ad ad provider
*) Multiple bug and UI polish fixes

The latest version of CryptoCoinTracker is available for Android in the Google and Amazon app stores.

CryptoCoinTracker 2.3

CryptoCoinTracker 2.3 has been released.  New features include:

  • Added Android 8.0/Oreo+ Support
  • Fixed BCH coin lookups
  • Added an Import Forked Coin option to the menu to automatically import Bitcoin Cash from Bitcoin
  • Made widget resizable
  • Bug fixes

The latest version of CryptoCoinTracker is available for Android in the Google and Amazon app stores.

CryptoCoinTracker 1.0 Released for Android Devices

CryptoCoinTracker Released

CryptoCoinTracker is a small crypto-currency portfolio tracking application.  It allows you to monitor withdrawals and deposits to all your BitCoin's/altcoin's public addresses.

  • Provides a simple way to monitor the total value of your CryptoCurrency portfolios in your local currency.
  • Great way to monitor donation addresses and miner addresses for new income.

Get it on Google Play

Current Features:

  1. Track coin balances of public addresses for BitCoin and altcoins, including: LiteCoin, VertCoin, DogeCoin, DigitalCoin, Megacoin, PeerCoin, and Quark.
  2. Supports exchange rate conversion to 161 different local fiat currencies (via CoinBase and Cryptsy).
  3. Track the total value of your crypto-currency portfolio.
  4. Supports QR-Code scanning to quickly import your public keys into the tracker application.
  5. Configurable notification to alert you when you wallet value has changed.

Free version limitations:

  1. Android 4.x support only.  Paid version supports 2.x+.
  2. Ad-supported.  Paid version removes ads.

Future features:

  1. Add additional/configurable sources of exchange rates and address balance lookups.
  2. Add support for more altcoins.
  3. Support for manually-entered coin balances (not attached to public addresses).



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