CryptoCoinTracker 1.0 Released for Android Devices

CryptoCoinTracker Released

CryptoCoinTracker is a small crypto-currency portfolio tracking application.  It allows you to monitor withdrawals and deposits to all your BitCoin's/altcoin's public addresses.

  • Provides a simple way to monitor the total value of your CryptoCurrency portfolios in your local currency.
  • Great way to monitor donation addresses and miner addresses for new income.

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Current Features:

  1. Track coin balances of public addresses for BitCoin and altcoins, including: LiteCoin, VertCoin, DogeCoin, DigitalCoin, Megacoin, PeerCoin, and Quark.
  2. Supports exchange rate conversion to 161 different local fiat currencies (via CoinBase and Cryptsy).
  3. Track the total value of your crypto-currency portfolio.
  4. Supports QR-Code scanning to quickly import your public keys into the tracker application.
  5. Configurable notification to alert you when you wallet value has changed.

Free version limitations:

  1. Android 4.x support only.  Paid version supports 2.x+.
  2. Ad-supported.  Paid version removes ads.

Future features:

  1. Add additional/configurable sources of exchange rates and address balance lookups.
  2. Add support for more altcoins.
  3. Support for manually-entered coin balances (not attached to public addresses).



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16 September 2019