CryptoCoinTracker 2.1 Released

CryptoCoinTracker 2.1 has been released!

It is provided in two version:

  • CryptoCoinTracker Basic (HERE) provides all of the primary functionality for free.  
  • CryptoCoinTracker Pro (HERE) adds support for AltCoins/other currencies such as Ethereum and On-Device Alerts.

Original users of the pre-2-1 free version will be grandfathered into the previous free version's feature set.

New features/changes in 2.1 include:

  • New home screen widget to display your current total assets.
  • Fixed issue with Ethereum exchange rates.
  • Supported altcoins list is now updated in real time, not only when the app updates in the app store.
  • Optimized network calls/address lookup code.
  • Added Disable Altcoins option to settings.
  • Moved Ethereum and Litecoin to the top of the Add Coin list with Bitcoin
  • UI cleanup & bug fixes.
  • Added automated crash reporting so issues can be addressed rapidly.
  • Added support for Android Jelly Bean to the non-paid version

CoinDesk News

16 September 2019